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Integrative Pediatric Health Care, LLC

Holistic Nurse Practitioners & Pediatric Nurse Practitioners located in Denver, CO

Located in Denver, CO, 80237, Integrative Pediatric Health Care (IPHC) offers a holistic approach to promoting and managing the health of children from Englewood, Denver, Littleton, Cherry Hills Village, Highlands Ranch, and Aurora areas at the comfortable, welcoming clinic in. Denver area families have access to our wide variety of services including holistic treatment plans for illness, minor injuries, asthma, disease prevention and management, access to vaccinations, and well-child visits.

IPHC opened in 2016 as the first fully Nurse Practitioner owned and operated pediatrician office in Denver and Colorado. Our office is still operated by dual Board Certified Pediatric and Holistic Nurse Practitioners with extensive experience and training in caring for the whole child, instead of only focusing on a particular ailment or need. Dr. Mary Enzman-Hines and Jennifer Gaughan have combined experience of over 60 years in pediatric health care. Mary, Jennifer, and their team of dedicated and passionate nurse practitioners can provide you and your child with the care and treatment needed, in both sickness and in health. While there are many Pediatricians in the Denver area, here’s some reasons to choose Integrative Pediatric Health Care:

  • Expertise in caring for children whether they are ill or well
  • Can write prescriptions for the majority of a child’s needs
  • Can diagnose and treat acute and chronic conditions
  • Can order and interpret lab results and diagnostic imaging
  • Offer same day sick appointments
  • Longer appointment times than typical offices have
  • Virtual visits (telehealth) and secure email for parents making access to your pediatrician easier

Looking for an alternative to your pediatrician or the best pediatrician for your newborn? The Nurse Practitioners will work with families to develop and maintain the health and wellbeing of their children. They take an integrative approach which focuses on healing and treating the child in the context of mutual goals with the parents. The principles of integrative care include:

  • Both patient and practitioner work together throughout the healing process.
  • All aspects which affect health, wellness, and illness are taken into account including mind, body, spirit, and community.
  • All healing sciences which can facilitate the body’s inherent healing response are used.
  • Effective treatments which are natural and less invasive will be used whenever conceivable.
  • Good medicine is based on science, inquiry driven, and open to new ideas.
  • Health advancement and the prevention of disease and sickness are of the utmost importance.
  • Customized care is the best way to address the individual’s personal conditions, needs, and situations. Understanding the unique needs of each person will ensure that the cause of the problem is determined and treated effectively.

Integrative Pediatric Health Care welcomes new patients and accepts most major forms of insurance. Mary, Jennifer, and their staff are looking forward to beginning meaningful and long-term relationships with children and their families. If you are looking for a pediatrician in Denver, we would love to support your family!

Meet Our Providers

Dr. Mary Enzman-Hines PhD, APRN, CNS, CPNP-PC, APHN-BC, GAHN

Dr. Mary Enzman-Hines is a PhD prepared, dual Board Certified Pediatric and Holistic Nurse Practitioner and Co-Owner of Integrative Pediatric Health Care in Denver, Colorado where she is part of a team that offers a holistic approach to promoting and supporting the health of children from in and around Denver. She offers a wide variety of expertise in services ranging from treatment for illness, asthma, minor injuries, behavioral health and developmental needs, education about disease prevention and management, vaccine education and administration, well-child visits and care coordination.

She is a Colorado native and has been a Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner/Pediatric Clinical Nurse Specialist for almost 40 years, Certified Advanced Practice Holistic Nurse for over 20 years, and is Professor Emeritus at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. In 2015, Dr. Enzman-Hines was the recipient of the American Holistic Nurse of the Year Award and in 2022 was the recipient of the American Holistic Nurses Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award. She is a Founding Member of the Global Academy of Holistic Nurses.

Before her role as a co-owner and Nurse Practitioner at IPHC, she served in a variety of settings including staff nurse and nurse manager in the neonatal and pediatric intensive care and inpatient settings, educator at University of Colorado, author of over 150 publications and scholarly works in nursing, and of course many years in Primary Care. Dr. Enzman-Hines has devoted her nursing experience to pediatric nursing, caring for children from birth to 21 years of age.

Dr. Enzman-Hines is a Reiki Master and Therapeutic Touch Practitioner. Her leadership in nursing includes being a past president of the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA), a member of AHNA’s Research and Education Committees and Task Force Chair for Advanced Holistic Practice for AHNCC. Additionally, she is active in the International Association of Human Caring, the Society of Rogerian Scholars, the National Association of Pediatric Nurse and Associate Practitioners (NAPNAP), the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP), the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA), the Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI), and the Society of Pediatric Nursing (SPN) and the Global Academy of Holistic Nurses (GAHN). She is published primarily in the areas of caring, healing, pediatric pain, pediatric asthma, pediatric chronic conditions, and hermeneutic photography. Dr. Enzman-Hines has received many honors and recognitions both as a practitioner and educator.

Dr. Enzman-Hines is the mother of two children and grandmother to one. She enjoys spending time with family, writing, travel, photography, and spoiling her very busy granddaughter.

Jennifer Gaughan MS, RN, CPNP-PC

Jennifer Gaughan MS, APRN, CPNP-PC, APHN-BC is a Co-Owner and Dual Board Certified Pediatric Nurse and Holistic Nurse Practitioner at Integrative Pediatric Health Care in Denver, Colorado. She has worked in pediatrics since 2004, and as a Nurse Practitioner since 2013. She is part of a team that offers a holistic approach to promoting and supporting the health of children from in and around Denver, CO areas. She offers a wide variety of expertise in services ranging from treatment for illness, asthma, minor injuries, behavioral health and developmental needs, education about disease prevention and management, vaccine education and administration, well-child visits and care coordination.
Jennifer Gaughan is a native of Colorado and received both undergraduate and graduate education at the University of Colorado. Her undergraduate curriculum was endorsed by the American Holistic Nurses Association. As a Caritas Coach, Jennifer Gaughan received additional certification and training as a Caritas Coach in Caring Science and Caring Theory as a holistic theoretical framework for practice and the empowerment of provider-patient relationships.

She has cared for children from diverse backgrounds at a local pediatric hospital and clinic with expertise in Neurology, Urology, Gastroenterology, ENT, Special Care Needs, Oncology, Neurosurgery, Burns, Trauma, and Neurodevelopmental syndromes. She has served on numerous professional committees and continues to support the independent practice of Nurse Practitioners in Colorado. In her work before IPHC, she has served in roles as a bedside nurse, liaison for the Acute Pain Service, and caring expert facilitating systematic changes within hospital systems using Caring Theory and Sciences.

Jennifer Gaughan is passionate about nursing as a foundation to explore sustaining partnerships with patients and families. She is also a Reiki Master and is interested in providing services which incorporate wisdom from conventional and complementary healing traditions that focus on wellness and prevention.

Jennifer Gaughan is a dedicated educator and teacher and has encouraged many students to join the future generation of nursing. She is published with Dr. Mary Enzman Hines in the International Journal of Human Caring and a Holistic Nursing publication. They have presented locally and internationally on exploring caring in pediatrics through narrative. She is nationally certified in Pediatrics to provide Primary Care Services as a Certified Pediatric Nurse Practitioner.

She is a mother to a very spicy and busy daughter and married to a talented musician. In her spare time, she enjoys live music, artistic expressions, traveling, cooking, and gardening, and reading articles that most people find very boring.


We love Dr. Mary! She works hard to help kids feel comfortable and is a skilled clinician. None else spends 30+ minutes in a well child checkup!

Sam B.


I have been taking my son to see these amazing providers for 5 years (the first year I met Jen at a different practice). I will never take my son to another provider so long as Jen lives and works in Colorado! Always informative and kind, and never gives me a hard time about my new mom worries. I would recommend this practice for your family every time.

Nancy D.


I am so glad I decided to bring my son to integrative paediatrics. They are very friendly and knowledgable and always available to answer my questions no matter the time of day. It’s so refreshing to find a practice that is truly child centred and practices a holistic approach.

Jessica R.