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In the bustling city of Denver, families seek nothing but the best for their children’s healthcare needs. Amidst the options available, Integrated Pediatric Health Care (IPHC) stands out as a beacon of excellence. What sets IPHC apart is not just its exceptional services but also its unique ownership and operation by Nurse Practitioners, providing comprehensive care from newborns to young adults up to 21 years old.

At the helm of IPHC are distinguished professionals like Dr. Mary Enzman-Hines PhD, APRN, CNS, CPNP-PC, APHN-BC, GAHN, and Jen Gaughan MS, RN, CPNP-PC, along with their outstanding staff. With their extensive expertise and compassionate approach, they ensure every child receives personalized attention and top-notch medical care.

IPHC’s Nurse Practitioners bring a holistic understanding of pediatric health, blending medical expertise with a deep understanding of family dynamics and child development. This unique perspective fosters a supportive environment where families feel heard, understood, and empowered in managing their children’s health.

Whether it’s routine check-ups, vaccinations, or managing chronic conditions, IPHC excels in providing comprehensive pediatric healthcare services tailored to each child’s unique needs. Families in Denver can rest assured that with IPHC, their children are in capable hands, receiving the highest standard of care in a nurturing environment.