Release of Information

Medical Records Info

A Records Release must be completed to transfer medical records.

The following is for the transfer of medical records due to a change in PCP, or if you are requesting records for yourself.

HIPAA requirements state that a signed authorization by a legal guardian must be completed prior to sending or obtaining any client records. Please allow up to 7 days for your request, also please CAREFULLY select all boxes and provide complete information. We will send records by fax unless requesting them for yourself in which case we use a password protected encrypted email.

Download the medical records release form here

When complete email your form to

If you are requesting other documentation (school, daycare, sports or health form or vaccine records, please do so through your patient portal or go to the section below “need a form signed for school/camp/daycare

Immunization Records

BEST OPTION: Immunization records can be requested through your patient portal. If you don’t have access to the patient portal you can request it here

NEXT BEST OPTION: You can also request access to the Colorado Immunization public portal by following these instructions

ADDITIONAL OPTION: You can also request forms by clicking here

Need a Form Signed for School/Camp/Daycare

IPHC can provide a General Health Appraisal only if your child is up to date on routine well visits. If your child is due for a well visit, we will need to complete that before the form is compliant with Colorado Statutes for daycare and school entry.

IPHC will complete the form at no charge, subsequent requests in the same year may incur a fee, so we strongly advise you to keep them on file.

You can request the form to be filled out and attach the school provided copy by logging into your patient portal and going to “my messages” and submitting a message with PDF attachment. If your care provider does not have a specified form we will use the Colorado AAP approved “general health appraisal”. Please let us know in your message which is best.

Also indicate if you need immunization records in your request.

Form requests are done one by one and please keep in mind during high volume seasons we cannot rush these requests. Please allow up to 3 business days, if you need expedited service, please let us know.

If you cannot get in the patient portal request help here

If neither of those options are working please call our office.