Insurance Information

IPHC is contracted with most major insurance companies, this DOES NOT mean we are in-network with your particular plan within that company. Find out if we are in-network with your insurance. IPHC cannot do this for you.

  1. You must log on or call your insurance company or log-on to their portal and ask if we are in-network. You can search by Provider Mary Enzman Hines or Jennifer Gaughan or by the practice name Integrative Pediatric Health Care, confirm we are at the Poplar St. Address (previously on Girard or Clarkson St if they haven’t updated us).
  2. If they cannot find us, have them conference call the office to give additional info.
  3. Regardless of what you are told, you are still responsible if insurance doesn’t pay. If you plan to self-pay ask our staff about rates and implications of cost for vaccines.

We are out of Network with the Following:

  • Denver Health Medicaid
  • Kaiser
  • Certain Networks with United, Cigna, Aetna, and Anthem

We are currently working on contracts with Anthem HMO/Pathway and Friday Health Plans

Please have your card at the time of service; co-pays are expected at time of visit. If we are not in-network, if you are not insured, or your insurance is inactive, payment is due at the time of service. We can coordinate payment plans when needed.

Health Shares are treated as Self Pay and it is the client’s responsibility to self-submit claims.

Some insurances like Freedom Life and US Health Groups are “underinsurance” and may not cover wellness visits, vaccines etc. The client is responsible to know the level of coverage.

Contact Billing Staff

IPHC utilizes a 3rd party biller who specializes in pediatrics and is local to Colorado. Christy Graham with Integrity Management Solutions handles our billing and can assist with questions about claims or statements. She can be reached by calling our main number 720-442-3615 and the extension for billing (option 5). You can also ask a member of our staff for assistance or send a message through your patient portal.