Well Child Visits/Physicals

A well-child exam is performed to assess the growth, development and health of a child, which is very important during all stages of development. A complete developmental and physical exam will be a part of each visit. The goal is to assist in preventing problems from going undiagnosed and to support parents when raising their child or children. During the exam, the child’s height, weight, and head circumference will be measured. Developmental screenings, hearing and vision, may also be assessed during these exams. Well-exams are important for all children, can help identify common childhood issues, and help the child and family learn to maintain healthy habits throughout life. Our IPHC PNPs are experts in Pediatric growth and development and will work alongside families to coordinate care for anything that comes up.

During the exam, parents will receive information on:

  • Sleep
  • Safety
  • Childhood illnesses
  • Growth and development
  • Developmental expectations and guidance
  • Nutrition
  • Dental health
  • Physical, social, and emotional health
  • Adolescent health including sexuality, risk taking/safety, relationships, avoidance of substances etc.
  • Immunizations

Before the exam, writing down a list of questions or concerns can be very helpful. The nurse practitioner will compare the child’s growth and developmental milestones with prior visits. Information collected will be saved in the child’s medical record. These metrics help to determine if the child is on schedule with development and can help to spot any areas of concern. The nurse practitioner will also likely discuss other wellness topics including family relationships and wellbeing, education, and access to community services. In addition, the practice offers special care from a nutritionist, massage therapist, and psychotherapist.

Well Visits follow the Bright Futures Schedule and usually begin shortly after birth and then:

1 mo, 2 mo, 4 mo, 6 mo, 9 mo, 12 mo, 15 mo, 18 mo, 24 mo, 30 mo, 36 months and then annually.